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Who We Are
International Golf Associates

International Golf Associates is an International Members Golf Club


Our Mission

IGA exists to enable its members to have a reasonable and regular opportunity to play golf.

IGA makes golf available to all

It has been estimated that there are 40,000,000+ golfers in the world with approximately 75% of that number who do not belong to one of the existing 30,000+ golf clubs with terrain. For some, joining a golf club is simply too expensive and even after joining it may be difficult to arrange a game with other golfers. IGA is in the process of changing all of this. We exist to enable golfers to play golf when and where they want at a reasonable cost.

Access to golf course information

You will find currently on the IGA golf site more than 20,000 courses from around the world. The descriptive information available per course is dependent upon the information provided to IGA. IGA provides on-line access to members and affiliated golf courses in order to assist in updating club / course related information for the benefit of all golfers.

Greens Fee Discounts

It is the policy of IGA to solicit for privileged discounts on green fees for members. IGA local club committees around the world have the responsibility of keeping in close contact with the golf courses in their respective geographical area and identifying / negotiating discounts at those clubs who have a policy which permits such discounted rates.


The backbone of all nationally accepted handicaps is the principle of peer review. Peer review means golfers that know you check your handicap to see that it conforms to the level of golf that you play. IGA encourages golfers to join their national golf associations to obtain and maintain a handicap. IGA offers golfers the opportunity to form clubs that can satisfy their national association rules on managing handicaps. Your local IGC (International golf club) becomes part of IGA and we assist in the administration.

For those that do not need or wish to belong to a national association members can form their own IGC and obtain and maintain an IGA handicap which is recognized by all IGA members as equivalent to a national handicap.

Form your own local area Golf Chapter

If you would like to form an IGA local area Golf Club you will need to first identify ten or more golfers who wish to be a part of the venture and then contact IGA. We will be more than happy to discuss with you the possibility and to assist you in setting up and establishing your local club once it is decided that the venture is viable.

International Golf Associates
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